Likes to Talk

by Dog & Wolf

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I came home to a different life Slept as a ghost, but only for the night Then I packed my life into every box in sight And I made my way quietly out the side It's better now to run than just to hide Because you're so good at other people's lives At burying mistakes safely out of sight Someone dug them all up while you were gone And they laid them on display across the lawn To let them have their day out in the sun I am the cigarette between the concrete and your sole Burned down to nothing, exhaled, reduced to ash and smoke To dissipate, to scatter, to float off in the day It was in every little "fuck you" thrown my way You always had the perfect words to say If you try hard enough to slip into the background Everything might just go exactly as you planned Because all the good magicians know That the best part of the show Happens in the unnoticed hand
This distance pulls all color from the day How we sit together, staring off so far away Can I touch your skin? You feel like a memory, yet you're right here Because you know I like to talk But I know how that brings you down So, I won't bring you down I will shut my mouth Maybe explode Your smile hasn't made it home for days The one that's come to take its place don't shine the same Does it know its way back home? I've drawn up a map of all the places I've gone wrong Because you know I like to talk But I see how you've given up Well, I haven't given up So, cover those ears up Because here it comes These are our questions for today: Can you save me? Can I save me? Can this be saved?
Easy 03:27
A way, away I weigh a weight, I wait I can't keep reliving yesterdays You said "get out of your head" like it was easy But I can't even get out of bed But I ain't sleeping no more A sound, unsound I can't keep melting down I can't find reasons for hanging 'round
I've had so many knots to untie It's taken so much time How did you get so tangled in my life? There are parts I've had to cut away Parts I wish I could have saved But hey were bound too tight It's not that I don't ever think of you But now it's filtered through a different hue I've been feeling better, I hope that's okay with you Lately, I don't feel so black and blue I've had so many clocks to unwind I turned back the hands of time To make gravel from the rock that you had been There are stones I probably should have saved Ones I could have used to pave a better pathway through Don't lean too hard, they'll back away Sometimes "I'll always be here for you" Is just something people say To fill dead air, the awkwardness Counterfeit some comfort, make it easier to dismiss By throwing the right words at it


Recorded by Seth Engel at Pallet Sound
Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House Recording
Artwork by Nicolas Kubica
Layout by Nic Campa (


released October 6, 2017

Dog & Wolf is:

Kyle Geib - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Arvanitis - Bass/Vocals
Joe Henderer - Drums

We'd like to thank Seth Engel, Dave Downham, Nicolas Kubica, and Nic Campa for helping us put all of this together - we couldn't have pulled this off without you. We'd also like to thank MP Shows (especially those beautiful Vito Nusret and Josh McKinnie babes) and Kickstand Productions for continuing to book us for some reason, every band we've ever shared the stage with, anyone who has ever come out to a show and had a great time, the city of Chicago, and all of our friends and family for supporting our bullshit from day one. You all continue to make this fun and rewarding with us, and we couldn't be more thankful for your ears and support.


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Dog & Wolf Chicago, Illinois

Captivating. Original. Sober. None of these are words to describe Chicago punk trio Dog & Wolf.

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